'A Rich Man's Pile'

The New EP
   'A Rich Man's Pile,' a 5 song EP, is Ashes' 3rd release and was recorded at 'Neon Leon' in Nashville and 'DBStudio' in Murfreesboro TN. With this release (April 2017) Rawlings' production takes the riffy style and and presents a bass and keys delivery with a driving acoustic feel to the guitar spectrum, further diversifying Ashes Live possibilities and opens doors to more musical exploration. A noted maturity takes hold in this record, but the playful, dark sounds are still up front. Casting hooks and crying smiles. Turning garage dream riffs into soulful, catchy rock. 


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'Perry from Ashes Of Folly'

The Boro Bar and Grill, Murfreesboro TN

'Perry from Ashes Of Folly' featuring D. Gordon on drums. Local throw down opening slot for 'The Hardin Draw' and 'The Katies.'