'A Rich Man's Pile'

The New EP
   'A Rich Man's Pile,' a 5 song EP, is Ashes' 3rd release and was recorded at 'Neon Leon' in Nashville and 'DBStudio' in Murfreesboro TN. With this release (April 2017) Rawlings' production takes the riffy style and and presents a bass and keys delivery with a driving acoustic feel to the guitar spectrum, further diversifying Ashes Live possibilities and opens doors to more musical exploration. A noted maturity takes hold in this record, but the playful, dark sounds are still up front. Casting hooks and crying smiles. Turning garage dream riffs into soulful, catchy rock. 


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Previous events

'Perry from Ashes Of Folly'

The Boro Bar and Grill, Murfreesboro TN

'Perry from Ashes Of Folly' featuring D. Gordon on drums. Local throw down opening slot for 'The Hardin Draw' and 'The Katies.'

Perry from Ashes Of Folly

Al's Bar Of Lexington, Lexington KY

'Perry from Ashes Of Folly' will team up with Joseph West on drums for several road dates this winter. this date is an opening slot with 'Ivyrye' and 'Marsha Lee' both local Lexingtonianas.

Perry from Ashes Of Folly/Sleep Nation/The Dangerous Method

Springwater, Nashville

Come see Perry's newer project aptly named 'Perry from Ashes Of Folly.' Hometown favorites Sleep Nation who have enjoyed some radio time along with Perry this year and close friends The Dangerous Method.

Ashes Of Folly

Murfreesboro , TN

Crossroads House show. 5$ may be out at the barn so dress warm

Perry from Ashes Of Folly/Year Of October/The Rangos

Blue Bear Barn, Nashville

a Barn setting with some active and hungry local talent. all three bands have had recent releases. cheap and fun.byob

Ashes Of Folly/Stone Vessel

Sukha Artist Development Studios, 3041 N. Decatur Rd., Atlanta

all ages, theatre seating. 5-8 ish. 10$

Perry from Ashes Of Folly


'Perry from ashes of folly' will be playing with John Powell from Clemson university at a house show and Greenville SC. Contact for directions to home.

Perry from Ashes Of Folly

The Laughing Goat, Pearl St, Boulder, CO

Perry's second showing in Boulder this year. This time he revisits a favorite in The Laughing Goat and a talent laced house party in Longmont.

Ashes Of Folly/NIMA Awards


Ashes Of Folly has been nominated again. This time, again, for best Album(Rock) for 'A Rich Man's Pile' by NIMA Nashville. we are honored to be recognized in Music City.

Perry from Ashes Of Folly

The Boro Bar and Grill, Murfreesboro TN

Perry from ashes of folly Performs a set for Borostock Fest in Murfreesboro

Ashes Of Folly

Trenzilore House/ask directions from us

Ashes Of Folly with 'No False Accusations' touring act. come have a summer house show with us. we play Second

Perry from Ashes Of Folly

 —  —

boro bar and grill, murfreesboro

Perry performs some unreleased and new material, as well as some AOF favorites. three acts, early show

Ashes Of Folly DB studio/recording 4th release

 —  —

DB Studio/J.Rawlings Producer, Murf

we are in the studio again working on a 4th release

Ashes Of Folly/ opening

The Country Nashville, Nashville

Ashes is opening for Fable Cry and Jace Everett via SadSpaceman Productions 7:30 start

Ashes Of Folly/DayDrive/AcornPeople

Q's house, Murfreesboro

The Acorn People have invited us to play their last show together as a band. We have a lot of love for this group of talented folks.

Perry from Ashes Of Folly

Zanarkand house show, Murfreesboro

DayDrive and 4 other bands. Perry will lead off with a solo acoustic set. Zanarkand FB for more deets.

Ashes Of Folly

Green dragon/Murfreesboro , BoroFondo 5, Murfreesboro

Boro Fondo 5. Tons of local music, biking, camping, multiday event. Search BoroFondo on FB for full detail. Our slotted time is 700 pm at The Green Dragon on Friday