'A Rich Man's Pile'

The New EP
   'A Rich Man's Pile,' a 5 song EP, is Ashes' 3rd release and was recorded at 'Neon Leon' in Nashville and 'DBStudio' in Murfreesboro TN. With this release (April 2017) Rawlings' production takes the riffy style and and presents a bass and keys delivery with a driving acoustic feel to the guitar spectrum, further diversifying Ashes Live possibilities and opens doors to more musical exploration. A noted maturity takes hold in this record, but the playful, dark sounds are still up front. Casting hooks and crying smiles. Turning garage dream riffs into soulful, catchy rock. 


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Previous events


Ashes Of Folly

The Boro bar and grill, Murfreesboro

31st anny! Apache Jericho, Ashes Of Folly opening

Ashes Of Folly

 —  —

Walter Hill TN/Cedarova Fest, Murfreesboro

Tons of bands. May 13/14, camping, art, two stages. Private land. Contact at ashesoffolly@gmail.com for details


Ashes Of Folly

The Basement , Nashville

New faces night


Ashes Of Folly

 —  —

Murfreesboro TN, Murfreesboro TN

Large cycling community event that has 80 bands filling bars, restaurants, clubs, and house shows for a three day event. We will update time and venue when info is delivered. This should be rad


Ashes Of Folly

The Boro Bar and Grill, Murfreesboro TN

With Thunderfrog and Ambrose Way


Ashes Of Folly

The Block , Murf


Ashes Of Folly

Mad Donnas, Nashville

Playing with three great bands including Amos Moses and The Legend


Ashes Of Folly

Eighth and Wedgwood, Nashville

5$ new faces night

Ashes Of Folly

The Pond, Franklin TN

Warming the stage acoustically for Danny Trashville

Ashes Of Folly

Private Party/inquire

Message us here or at ashesoffolly@gmail.com for details as this is a private event and invite via us only

Ashes Of Folly

The Block, Broad St, Murfreesboro

No cover. Donations are welcomed. Full bar and partial menu. 4 bands we will start things off at 9

Ashes Of Folly

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The Boro Bar and Grill, Greenland Ave, Murfreesboro

Happy Halloween.

Ashes Of Folly CD Release

The Boro Bar and Grill, 1211 Greenland Ave, Murfreesboro

Ashes Of Folly will be releasing their debut Album "The Chemical Plan." We will be playing at 11pm and performing the record in its entirety. 5 CD's will be given to random, but special, fans. Others will be available for purchase. We hope to see you there.


The Chemical Plan - Album Release

The Boro, 1211 Greenland Dr, Murfreesboro

We will be playing the album in it's entirety and giving away 5 free CDs to fans at a random selection(aka standing up front) The show is free but there will be a tip bucket, proceeds go to PA and both bands equally.

Safe Secrets will be playing a full set at 9:00pm so please come early and have some great food and beers, rock to Safe Secrets and help us celebrate our release of "the chemical plan"